Cheetah Girl

Okay so truthfully- I stole this shirt from my dad (with his permission of course). I am so obsessed with animal prints right now, especially cheetah and snakeskin. I found this cheetah denim skirt at TJ Maxx this summer, and I’ve already worn it so much. It’s Kensie, and we all know Hannah G models for Kensie (all you Bachelor fans, I see you), so that makes it even more awesome. You can pair it with a cute solid shirt for a night out look, or you can go for an edgier look like I did and pair it with a graphic tee (I am also super into old band tees right now). It was still somewhat warm out when I took this picture at the end of September, so I paired the outfit with a pair of simple leather sandals that I got for $10 at TJ Maxx last year. Honestly, I’m surprised they haven’t fallen apart yet because I wear them so much, but shoutout Rampage, you make a great shoe.
If you missed me during my 1+ year long hiatus, you’re welcome, I’m back. Huge life update right here: I graduated college and I’m an accountant now. I’m also getting my MBA online. Not sure I’ll ever not be going to school, but I hope by the time I retire I’ll be done with it! I’m living alone in an apartment in the Portland area, which means most of my paycheck goes to rent. My goal is to not shop a ton and buy new clothes even though the temptation kills me. “Hi, my name is Hannah, and I am a shopaholic.” So if you see me repeating outfits (omg how dare she wear the same thing twice?!) get over it, it’s reality. We all know that you super bloggers out there probably wear the same pajamas at least twice a week anyways, this isn’t that much different! Anyways, stay tuned…hopefully I keep it up and don’t go on another year long hiatus from blogging because it’s actually a great outlet for me and it’s fun. Also, if anyone in the Portland area wants to take pics for my ‘gram and this blog, let me know. It’s not easy getting pictures of your outfits by yourself if you don’t want to stand in front of a mirror all the time and never have a change of background. If you made it this far–congratulations, and THANK YOU. I love you all xoxo -Han

                       Shirt Gap (similar) // Skirt Kensie (TJ Maxx) // Shoes Rampage (TJ Maxx) (similar)

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