Hello! The weekends are super fun for me for so many reasons. Number one is that I get to see my boyfriend, Nic. Number two is that I can wear whatever I want since I’m *out of office*. This weekend I went down to New Hampshire, then right down to Massachusetts where Nic was coaching in a hockey showcase. On Friday night we had date night and went to Yard House…and we totally pigged out. It was great.

 I wore my favorite pair of black jeans with one rip in them from Banana Republic Factory. These are my favorite jeans to wear out because you can dress them up or down due to the single rip. Per my last post, I said I was super into old band tees right now, so of course I had to wear an AC/DC band tee. I tied the tee in a knot because technically it’s a T-Shirt dress (if I wore it as a dress my booty would show, so I’m not sure how they market it as a dress). Of course a black leather jacket goes perfectly with practically anything. I got my black faux leather jacket for only $30 at Nordstrom Rack! Such a good deal while still maintaining really good quality. The icing on the cake for my outfit was my boots. I am SO obsessed with my boots. I want to buy snakeskin everything! I wear these boots to work too, so they’re very versatile! Not only are they super hot boots, but they’re the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. I could probably walk around a whole entire city in them without my feet hurting one bit. Another great Nordstrom Rack find!

My photographer was not the easiest to work with…(that photographer being Nic). He could use a little more practice behind the camera, but we’re working on it. Why is it that men think 2 pictures is enough? I need at least 20 to choose from…AT LEAST! It’s fine though…I still love him, and the man is even getting a blog feature today!

Since I was in a rink during the day on Saturday, I was more concerned with warmth than style, however, I still rocked the snakeskin booties. Rule #1: never be afraid to rock animal print, anytime, anywhere. Xoxo – Han

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