Thats a Wrap, 2019!

I can’t believe it’s already New Years Eve. This year has seriously flown by, which is crazy, because it was a HUGE year for me. Here is a rundown of things that happened:

• January 1st: I kicked off the new year in Bangor by going out on the town with Nic. P.S. Best New Year’s kiss to date obviously, only challenged by our 2nd one tonight. Also, started the year off with brown hair – major yikes.

• January 27th: Went skiing with my mom at Sugarloaf. Met up with Sedona & Matt, and it was so cold and windy out that we mostly stayed in Bullwinkles for some beverages.

• February 3rd: The Pats won the Superbowl! It was so fun being in Fenway for all the celebrations.

• February 5th: Senior Skip Day with Sedona for the Patriots victory parade in Boston!

• March 1st-3rd: Loon Mountain trip with Mom, Heather, Hadley, RussAnn & Jon.

• March 9th: Went back to blonde- thank God.

• March 15th-17th: Cam’s 21st birthday weekend in Portland!

• March 24th-30th: Went to Florida to visit my Dad and Suzi. Conquered my flying anxiety by realizing that a little bit of Tito’s does wonders for my nerves. A direct quote from me was, “I feel like I could fly to China!” Enjoyed the beach, boat, pool, & good eats.

• April 13th: Bruins playoff game with Nic!

• April 27th: Spring Weekend at Merrimack. My cousin Whitnie came down for her first AND last visit, and it was so much fun! We went into Boston that night. Also pictured is Autumn because I love this pic of us.

• May 1st: My first AND last Maine Day, with Sedona of course.

• May 14th-19th: Senior week with various fun filled activities.

• May 18th-19th: I GRADUATED!!! Arguably my biggest moment of 2019.

• June 1st: Grad Party!!

• July 4th: <—Do I really need to explain?

• July 27th: Went sailing for the very first time with Sedona. 10/10 would sail again.

• August 10th: Camp at West Lake in the middle of nowhere Maine with Nic’s family & friends.

• August 14th: Apartment hunting turned girl’s day with Sedona & Autumn.

• August 25th: Went golfing with Mom and RussAnn, and got the cart stuck.

• August 31st: Stella and I moved to South Portland and I started my first big girl job as an accountant.

• September 25th: I turned twenty-two! *cue Taylor Swift song*

• October 13th: Corn-mazing with Nic (this pic was a pit-stop obviously)

• October 17th: Nic and I discovered our favorite ginnery ever. Shoutout to Hardshore Distilling in Portland, you rock my socks off.

• November 28th: Thanksgiving with my little hun bun.

• December 22nd & 25th: Hanukkah & Christmas

As you can see, my life got pretty boring once I started adulting. But this year was one of the craziest, best years of my life, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings. Happy New Year everybody!

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