One Way Or Another

What a weekend it has been! Nic came up on Friday night and we had ourselves a little date night. It was much needed after a long week. However, last week wasn’t even close to as long as the next 11 weeks are going to be for me. An accountant in her first busy tax & audit season: the joy! Luckily I’m not at the level yet where I have a ton of work, but I’ll be working 56+ hour weeks. It will all be worth it in the summer when we do 35 hour weeks and I’ve accrued lots of vacation time.

On Saturday, Nic and I went to brunch at Hot Suppa on the west end in Portland, and it was so good and such a cool atmosphere. Today was probably the best day so far, though. I drove down to Merrimack, my old stomping grounds, to watch Nic coach his team against the #1 Northeast premier seed…and guess what- they won! I’m so proud of how great of a coach he is and how much he makes a difference in these kids lives. Not only was it great being able to watch him on one of my last free weekends, but it was super nostalgic being back at Merrimack. It made me realize how much I took my free time for granted, not realizing back then how good I had it. Also it was like 70º out, so that was absolutely wild for the middle of January! Well, I hope everyone has a great week, and remember: only 5 more days until next weekend. You can do this!

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