Life Happens

Happy Sunday guys! I was going to make this a typical style post, but I figured due to recent events I would get a little deeper than usual. Life HAPPENS sometimes…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Recently for me, it’s been more bad and ugly.

However, this post isn’t to expose current happenings in my life, so I will leave it with this and only this: I became single almost a week ago. This goes without saying but breakups are hard, no matter how long you have been together or what the quality of the relationship was. It is so important to give yourself time to be sad, and to grieve the loss of something in your life. However, you must not let it take over your entire life, and have it effect every other thing that you have going on. A good way to create this balance and do something for yourself is to focus your energy on the positive things in your life. For example, my positives are: I have the most amazing dog, I am employed, I live in a great apartment, and I have an amazing support system. Let me tell you guys, my friends and my family are seriously the best, even when I may have shut them out at times, they are still there for me. I get to talk to my best friends every single day, despite distance, and they are always checking up on me to see how I’m doing and encourage me. My dad may be 1,582 miles away (yes I Googled that) but he never fails to call me every morning before work and every night when I get home. He also hopped right onto getting me a plane ticket this week for after tax season so that I could visit him in Florida. And my mom? My mom came down two weekends in a row to help me get my apartment in order and to spend time with me. If you’re reading this: thank you again, you have no idea how much it means to me to have you around.

This week it was really important for me to stay busy to keep my mind off of everything, so I fully immersed myself in spin classes. I bought unlimited spin at Jibe for the month and signed up every day (except for Wednesday). I even treated myself to a new pair of spin shoes! For me, spin is a place where you can escape your world and just be in the moment for 45 minutes. You are able to let go of your anger, hurt, frustration, anything. The perk is you’re getting fit and staying healthy at the same time. On Wednesday, I got my hair done. Refreshed my blonde with some foils, and got to feel like myself again. Self care, baby.

After some reflection, I wanted to point out to everybody a few things that I find helpful to think about. Everyone comes into your life for some sort of reason, and there are no coincidences. Some people come into your life to teach you a lesson, others come in to teach you how to love, and some come into your life to help you grow. It is so important to NEVER forget your self worth, and remember that you deserve to be treated with respect and loved deeply and truly. I feel like I had forgotten who I was, and now I am remembering who I am, what I deserve, and taking care of myself. Guys, I had gotten pretty heavy for me, and it suddenly clicked that I wasn’t giving myself enough love and attention, fueling my body with nutrients and exercising it. Now I realize how important it is to give yourself what you need in order to be the best version of yourself.

I am thankful that I now know how much love I am capable of giving and how great it is to have someone to do life with, but you may not find your Prince Charming on the first try. Some people may serve a purpose in your life, but not be the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with, and that’s ok! It’s important to remember all of the great times you shared with that person and reflect on what you learned from them. Most importantly, take time for yourself. Feel all the feelings you need to feel, do whatever makes you happy, and take time to get back to that best version of yourself. You are your own very best friend, you just need to make sure you act like it. Care about yourself the way you care so deeply about others. Do what you need to do to be “you”. Love yourself as deeply and truly as you have loved others. Always put yourself and your wellbeing first, and don’t you ever forget that, no matter what.

Thank you all for listening, I love you all.

xo, Hannah

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