19 Weeks

Hey guys! I’m officially a week away from being halfway through my pregnancy, so I thought this would be a great time to start documenting more of it. From now until Baby Girl Cray comes, I will be sharing some fun stats, info, and bump pics each week. Stay tuned!

Weeks: 19

In month: 5

Baby is the size of a: Mango

This week’s biggest craving: Cereal with almond milk

What’s new this week: I’ve been feeling baby girl’s kicks more and more each day. At first it felt like muscle spasms or gas bubbles, but the kicks get more defined each day! She likes to dance around in my belly, so she may be a gymnast just like her mama. Unfortunately, they’re not strong enough for Dylan to feel yet, but I’m sure it will only be a matter of a few weeks before he can! Also, still dealing with pregnancy congestion. It’s not covid guys, just blowing my nose a ton because I’m pregnant!

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