21 Weeks

21 Weeks

Weeks: 21

In month: 5

Baby is the size of a: Carrot

This week’s biggest craving: Soda! Dr. Pepper in particular (I know, super bad for me and I typically avoid soda as it is, but I can’t help this craving!)

What’s new this week: This past week we felt her kick with our hand on my belly for the first time! It was such a magical feeling, but one I’ve only been able to feel twice due to me having an anterior placenta. It’s totally normal and safe, but just means that my placenta acts as a sort of “pillow” between my belly and the baby, so I feel less movement than normal. Also, I’m feeling like my belly has really popped over the past week! We’re headed to Florida for a week long vacation on Saturday, and I’m so excited to get to show off my bump in sundresses and bikinis!