My Bedroom Is Finally Decorated!

My Bedroom Is Finally Decorated!

Our bedroom is finally finished! Dylan and I moved into this condo at the very end of September, and the look of our bedroom has definitely evolved over those months leading up to now. Between re-doing furniture, and finally putting things up on our walls, we are officially done (I say “we”, but I don’t think decor really mattered that much to Dylan).

When I was picking out decor, I tried to aim for a boho modern style. My absolute favorite features of this room are the barn door and beams, and I think the decor style I chose really complements these things. This antique wooden “hope chest” was my great-grandmother’s passed down to me. The woodwork and details are so beautiful, and it really gives the room something different. Also to note, our mattress is a Tuft and Needle hybrid and it is the comfiest bed EVER, plus it came in a box! I will be linking everything I can below!

Here is a closer view of the decor accents:

This bedroom has become my sanctuary, and I think it’s arguably the most important room in the house for you to love and feel comfortable in.


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